Revvverend Doomsday - Flop - Firmness: Firm 10A

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Flop- Due to minor tear as pictured 

Thanks To @Grayce84 and @RainbowBrilliant6411, Our Newest Model Has a Name! 

Revvverend Doomsday Is A Mechanical Mosaic - A Vintage Chainsaw. A Dental Phantom/Gas Mask Gas Tank, Vampire Skull Brass Knuckle Pull Start, A Coffin Exhaust Being Led Into Flames Underneath Our Logo Acting As The Cylinder. The Handle Bar Constructed From Bones. The Chain Was Sculpted After An Actual Chainsaw Linkage Pattern. Each Revvverend Doomsday Model Is Hand painted with Oil Drips Making Each One Even More Unique.

Total Weight Approximately 30 Ounces

Overall Length 13 Inches

Chain Length 6 Inches

Min Circumference 5.5

Max Circumference 7

Firmness: Firm 10A

Made With Body safe Platinum Cured Silicone and Cosmetic Grade Mica. Each Model is Hand Poured, So No Two Are Alike. Novelty Use Only.

Please expect slight variations in color. 

Allow 7-10 business days for us to process your order.