Petite Resurrection Stand 5.5" Tall. 

Our Cloning Attempts Were A Success! Consider Us Amateur Biologists! Using Our In House Genetics Laboratory, We Isolated The Mythical Unicorn DNA, Which We Extracted From The Core Of Legacy's Horn. We Then Chose A Suitable Cell To Receive The DNA Sequencing And Behold! The World's First Cloned Unicorn Was Brought To Life! Risen From The Dead, We Present To You, Petite Resurrection.

Two Color Choices Are Included With This Model. 

No Storage Container Is Included.

These Are Made From The Same Platinum Cure Silicone As Our Larger Model. 

Firmness Options Not Available On This Model 

These are Intended for Display Only. 

Please Allow up to 7-10 Business Days For Us To Process Your Order.

Petite Resurrection - Customize!

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