Heartache - Dolly's Revenge

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Super Soft 00-20
Soft 00-30
Medium 00-50
Super Firm 20A


When You're Hired For a Hit, You Don't Ask Questions. Dolly Took Out a Contract On This Poor Soul, And We Executed Like Assassins. 

Color Scheme Features a Blood Red Heart, Classic Black Dagger Handle, And A Cold Steely Silver Blade.

Includes Coffin Box and Velvet Drawstring Bag for storage.

Length: Overall 8" - Usable 6"

Circumference: Max 5" - Min 4.5"

Available in Super Soft 00-20, Soft 00-30, Medium 00-50, Firm 10A, Super Firm 20A

Due To The Intricate Nature of This Mold, Please Note There May Be Minor Bubbles on The Base of the Finished Product. As These Do Not Affect The Usability of The Product, They Are Not Considered "Flops".

 Made With Body Safe Platinum Cured Silicone and Cosmetic Grade Mica. Each Model is Hand Poured, So No Two Are Alike. Novelty Use Only.

Please expect slight variations in color. 

Allow 7-10 business days for us to process your order.