Our Sculpting Process

All of our models are original works of art. The sculpting process is different for each model, but each has the same basic construction technique. We are using Fire In The Hole! as an example of how our models come together. 


This is how Fire In The Hole! began. One bone was sculpted from a cylinder, then duplicated and set into place for each digit of the fingers. At this point in sculpting, the idea of using a skeleton hand holding a grenade (another version holding a heart was briefly produced) with the middle finger extended was solidified but not much beyond that.



Each bone was then individually contoured and then set in place around a sphere 



The fingers were then placed to grip the sphere. In order to place the thumb correctly, the Trapezium wrist bone was sculpted and set in place. All of our models are as anatomically correct as we can make them. 



The Middle finger digits are proportionally distorted and enlarged. The wrist bones each sculpted and put in place. You can see the ring around the thumb, originally the ring and pin of the grenade were going to hang from the thumb but that idea was later scrapped. 

Now time to make a grenade!

The grenade was constructed separately from the hand. A geometry tool was used to carve out the grooves in the body of the grenade from a sphere and basic shapes were set to form the fuze, lug, and lever. it will still undergo refinement once placed in the skeleton hand. 




The grenade then replaced the sphere. As you can see, the bottom of the grenade and the wrist bones don't provide a stable base for the sculpture to stand on. So we had to think of what could be thematically incorporated into the model to serve as a base. 

Gas Can. Explosive and rectangular. Perfect.


The Gas Can was built with a base and body to accommodate the height difference and overhang between the wrist bones and the bottom of the grenade. The gas can, handle, and explosive hazard sign are constructed mostly of cubes that have been reshaped and/or smoothed. the spout is a simple curved tube. 


Bringing the three separate sculpts together - The Skeleton Hand, The Grenade, and The Gas Can - The complete model was put together where finishing touches and contouring refinements were made to each piece of the sculpt to make everything seem more "naturally" placed, and Fire In The Hole! was completed.


The lever of the grenade was refined and a channel was put in between the lever and the body to allow demolding and avoid air getting trapped when being cast in silicone. 

Lastly, We add our logo to the top of the grenade. 


Each individual piece in an exploded view, except the gas can (those pieces were already "merged").